Croakies Summer Checklist

With the long days of winter finally behind us, it’s time to get out and bask in the warmth and sunshine of summer. Whether you're reconnecting with friends, spending quality time with family, or even getting to know that noisy neighbor who starts up the leaf blower a little too early on the weekends — I’m looking at you Bill! — summer is the perfect season to create new memories. To help you make the most of the season, we’re sharing some top activities from our own Summer Bucket Lists to inspire your plans.

1. Embrace the BBQ Season

US flag Croakies on a table with a Summer picnic
Two Croakies eyewear retainers propped on a picnic table

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a barbecue wafting through the neighborhood on a warm summer evening. By and large, the most popular activity among our crew is grilling out with friends and family. Dust off your favorite macaroni salad recipe and pull up a seat next to that aunt you haven’t seen in a while. The beauty of a BBQ is in its simplicity and the joy it brings to everyone gathered around the grill.

Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a newbie, there’s always something new to learn and try. From experimenting with different marinades to perfecting your grilling technique, the possibilities are endless. For those looking to elevate their backyard grill pit setup, Outside Magazine’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Backyard Barbeque is a must-read. It offers tips and tricks to make your BBQ the best on the block. Read it here: Guide to Creating the Perfect Backyard Barbeque! 

Product Suggestion: Keep your eyewear secure while flipping burgers with our O.G. Neoprene Sunglass Straps. These straps are essential for any outdoor gathering, ensuring you never misplace your shades. With a variety of colors and styles, they’re perfect for adding a personal touch to your BBQ outfit while keeping your sunglasses safe from the grease and heat.

2. Venture into the Wild: Camping Adventures

Tent at sunset in the mountains

Summer is the perfect time to escape the familiar paths of our neighborhoods and immerse ourselves in nature. Whether glamping with a significant other and pup or scaling to high alpine campsites, we’re excited to pitch a tent under the stars. Camping offers a unique opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature. The tranquility of a forest, the sound of a babbling brook, and the sight of a clear, starry sky can be incredibly rejuvenating. Planning a camping trip involves more than just picking a spot. It’s about preparing for an adventure that blends relaxation with exploration.

"One of my favorite magazines I subscribe to is Adventure Journal. It’s a quarterly packed with inspiration for journeys near and far, a must-read for anyone looking to add adventure to their coffee table. Speaking of adding spice – looking to elevate your camp cooking? Check out AJ’s Camp Recipes online!" Adventure Journal not only provides great reading material but also offers practical advice and creative ideas for your camping trips.

"One of my favorite magazines I subscribe to is Adventure Journal. It’s a quarterly that has a lot of inspiration for journeys near and far and is a must for anyone looking to spice up their coffee table reading. Speaking of spice – looking to add some to your camp cooking as well? Check out AJ’s Camp Recipes online!" Dan Brown — Croakies’ Digital Nerd

Adventure Journal Magazine next to a Croakies eyewear strap


3. Cast a Line: Fishing Escapades

Woman fly fishing in a river Photo by Zach Doleac

Fishing is a timeless summer activity that offers both relaxation and excitement. Submissions from our team highlight a passion for fishing, from kayak fishing with friends to helping a son land his first fish on a fly rod. There’s something magical about spending a day by the water, whether you’re on a tranquil lake, a flowing river, or the open sea. Fishing requires patience, skill, and a bit of luck, making each catch a rewarding experience. It’s also a wonderful way to bond with family and friends, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Regardless of how or where you fish this summer, one thing remains constant: the need to keep your eyewear safe and dry. There’s nothing worse than losing your favorite pair of sunglasses to the depths of the water. Our range of float products is designed to ensure that your eyewear stays above the waves, so you can focus on enjoying your fishing trip.

Product Suggestion: Shop Croakies Float Products to ensure your eyewear stays put, whether navigating trails or setting up camp. These products are designed to float, ensuring you won’t lose your glasses in the water. Perfect for any outdoor adventure, they provide peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying your surroundings.

PCroakies Float Products

4. Get Moving: Embrace Active Pursuits

A man running a race with his dog

Chris with his dog Si during the 2019 GoPro Mountain Games’ Rocky Dog Trail Run.

Run, bike, swim, fish, hike. Summer is the prime time for active pursuits. Whether you’re an avid athlete or someone who enjoys a casual stroll, there’s an activity for everyone. Our resident runner, Chris, recommends a high alpine trail run. His favorite? The GoPro Mountain Games’ 10K SPRING RUNOFF, coming up on June 13th in Vail. If you’re in Colorado from June 10th – 13th, we highly recommend checking it out – it’s a blast! The event not only offers a challenging run but also provides an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Vail.

For those who prefer less intense activities, our web designer Sandra suggests exploring the Bangtail Divide on a mountain bike. Alternatively, our graphic and web guru Carol recommends foraging for morel or chanterelle mushrooms. Both based in Bozeman, they recommend ending any outdoor activity with a refreshing drink on the rooftop deck of the Bozeman Taproom. These suggestions highlight the diverse range of activities available, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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Eyewear Care Kit Image

This summer, make the most of every outdoor activity with the right gear and accessories, ensuring both fun and safety under the sun. Whether you’re grilling with friends, camping under the stars, casting a line, or staying active, having the right equipment can enhance your experience and help you create unforgettable memories. Embrace the season, explore new activities, and take care of your eyewear to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Happy summer!

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