Croakies Photochromic Eyewear

Perfect for outdoor sport use, especially when viewing variable distances

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As the Original Croakies Brand that has been protecting your eyewear since ’77, we’re proud to introduce the VIEW photochromic collection of eyewear. Developed and designed to protect your eyes from both blue light and harmful UVA/UVB rays, these frames also feature variable viewing lenses, allowing for an unfettered view of landscapes afar or crystal clear details up-close as well as anything else in your normal range of distance viewing.We’ve packed an amazing amount of technology into these frames - they’ll go everywhere you do! Croakies VIEW collection features 7 unique styles to accompany on your everyday adventures!

Move Through The Day

These glasses go everywhere you do.

From city streets to mountain peaks, Croakies Vision Improvement and Enhancement Eyewear is designed to travel wherever your Everyday Adventure takes you. Indoors or out, these new collections of eyewear come with a feature-set that is unrivaled in it’s quality — including Photochromic transition tinting lenses with anti-reflective and blue light blocking technology and either progressive variable viewing lenses for distance to magnified powered vision or natural viewing, unmagnified field of view lenses.

The Performance Collection

Trendy optical quality performance frames with fuller viewing area and features for active wear and gaming. 

A diagram showing the features of the performance collection

Adjustable Temples

Constructed of tough materials and molded into a comfortbale profile of either soft grip TPE or comfort touch.

Spring Hinges

Ultra flexible 360 degree spring hinges provide additional fit adjustment for optimal comfort and variable flex.

Molded Nasal

Molded nasal bridge means no pads, lost parts or pieces.

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Fashionable optical quality lifestyle frames with fuller viewing area and styling for everyday wear.

A diagram showing the features of the lifestyle collection

Flex Temples

Soft grip with flexible temples for a comfortable fit.

Spring Hinges

Internal spring hinge allows for fair amount of twist and flex, enabling  a more ergonomic fit.

Molded Nasal

Molded nasal bridge means no pads, lost parts or pieces.

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Enjoy What You're Doing

Protect your eyes and see with clarity at any distance or during any activity.





Outdoor and indoor, mixd use

Outdoor & Indoor, Mixed Use





Enjoy Our Superior Lenses & Technology

We really thought of everything!

A person holding up a book in front of a pair of glasses

Enhanced Viewing Area

Croakies VIEW Progressive variable viewing lenses offer a much wider viewing corridor in the upper plano distance area, intermediate screen range and the lower magnified reading add power area. 

A pair of glasses with a field of lavenders in the background

Photochromic Lenses

Premium photochromic lens technology that darkens and automatically adjusts to the perfect viewing tint when outdoors while providing 100% UV protection against UVA and UVB rays. 

A pair of glasses sitting on top of a blue card

HEV Blue Light Filtering

Premium blue light blocking lens technology that protects against glare, filters harmful high energy visible light (HEV) and helps reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Variable Viewing Graphic


Variable Viewing Lenses 

Variable Viewing Lenses are a no-line progressive multifocal range between distance and plus magnification with Blue Light HEV protection and 100% UVA & UVB sun protection. 

A diagram of a distance, intermediate and magnification
Natural Viewing Graphic


Natural Viewing Lenses

Natural Viewing Lenses provide blue light HEV protection and 100% UVA & UVB sun protection without magnification. 

diagram to illustrate no magnification