Why Croakies Should Be Part Of Your Everyday Carry

A Customer Testimonial

"Been wearing your brand for many years, just love them. Recently, we were backcountry skiing 2.5 miles deep out here in Colorado when my wife’s sole became separated from her shoe. There was no way that skiing was possible without a field repair. After several attempts and failures to hold the shoe to the sole—we were out of options."

"We applaud the strength and ability to perform in the worst conditions"

No duct tape and her hair bands kept breaking and shoe laces didn’t work and so we were out of options. Brilliantly, my wife looked me straight in the eyes and the light went off. She quickly grabbed for my Croakies, practically tearing them off my head, and went to work. They performed remarkably well allowing her to ski back to the trail head and get off the mountain. The snow was so deep that walking out was not an option.

So, more than just holding your sunglasses, we applaud the strength and ability to perform in the worst conditions.

Thanks for the 'support' over the years."

~ Tim K.

Ski boot wit a Croakies Neoprene Strap warped around

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